W          W          W          .          M          I          K          E          S          C          H          E          E          R          .          C          O          M

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Original Artwork, Signed Prints, Album Cover Gallery incl. - Built To Spill, The Prids, Treepeople, Steve Fisk, Bowie Tribute LP Artwork, And more...


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This website is for those interested in viewing the artwork o
f Mike Scheer, for purposes such as the purchasing of prints or originals, purchasing CDs of his music, DVDs of his puppet shows and performances, etc..
Individual collectors, publishers, art editors, those in need of illustration, media designers, animators, bands & musicians, band managers, record labels, film directors, galleries, or anyone else who may wish to send a message, comment, or question please email
Mike at:
or find him at facebook.com/scheerofficial

DAN RAY: General layout, functionality, eye animation. DAMIAN RAMSEY: Functionality and layout.