With one of his larger paintings, a mural painted for Cavity Search Records at the Cavity Search Headquarters.


Mike Scheer is a multimedia artist living in Portland Oregon. As well as creating his own music, Mike has enjoyed creating visual art using the many mediums of drawing, painting and photography since he was very young. His most known mediums are his ballpoint pen work, his graphite pencil work, and his colored pencil work. which have appeared on T-shirts, posters, postcards, and in other promotional contexts.
His visual art has been published on the covers of 24 vynil records and CD's including 17 full length albums, and a number of seven inch singles since 1991. As of 2015, Mike is most widely known for his work with Warner Brothers recording artists Built to Spill.
Mike has also worked with the following recording artists:
The Prids,Thirty Ought Six, Treepeople, Crackerbash and producer/ songwriter, Steve Fisk.


Mike has worked with UP records, C/Z records, Jackpot!, Toxic Shock, K records, Cavity Search records, Sub Pop, and Warner Brothers.


Mike directed two Built To Spill videos for Warner Brothers, which aired on MTV in the late '90s. "In The Morning" is a live-action video featuring farm animals, a singing hand-puppet, and dancers. The second video "Untrustable" features stop-motion animation by Mike of objects and creatures reminiscent of his visual art.


15 of Mike's ball point pen artworks were published as a postcard book by Cavity Search Records titled Laundromatsmell in 1995. Now out of print. Limited edition of 1,000 books.


In August of 2005, the Widmer Brewing Company produced a limited edition art pint glass featuring one of Mike's ballpoint pen pieces. The series showcased 4 Portland-area artists and was distributed to specific restaurants and pubs, celebrating the First Thursday arts scene in Portland Oregon.


Seattle-based publisher Fantagraphics, included a 16-page gallery of Mike's ballpoint artworks in the Fall 2007 issue of its multi-media art and comics anthology MOME. The same issue also features artists Sophie Crumb, Al Columbia (creator of Pim and Francie), Jim Woodring, and others...

Currently as a Warner Brothers published and distributed artist upon the covers full length releases by Built To Spill, his work is on record store shelves all over the United States and into Europe.

Mike continues to develop his artwork and collaborate with other artists. At the same time he plans to work towards expanding his social media presence to make available new products including T-shirts. posters, music, etc..

With one of his larger paintings, a mural painted for Cavity Search Records at the Cavity Search Headquarters.

Photo Credit
Mike by mural: Paige Haxton