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Left to right:

David Fredrickson, Nate Wedergren, Mistina Keith, Mike Scheer, Jairus Smith, Lee Zeman

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Aerial view taken prior to psychokinetic procedure between Pleaseeasaur and Mike.

Mike and Pleaseeasaur contemplate a rubber replica of human brain stationed
between two votive candles.

Utilizing techniques of psychokinesis, Mike and Pleaseeasaur psychically
will the brain to shift its position on the table, while leaving the votive candles
to retain their original positions.

Left to Right:
Mike, Pleaseeasaur, Thomas Hurley III
Pleaseeasaur is a Seattle based performace artist/songwriter whom has been known to tour the country with w/ comedian Neil Hamburger.
Seattle artist Thomas Hurley does costume design and background visuals for Pleaseeasaur.
(He has also worked on the Bill Nye: The Science Guy TV show.)
Watch for Pleaseeasaur on Comedy Central

Julee Cruise
Julee (twin peaks) Cruise after one of her shows in Portland