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(This artwork's reference number is 915)
(All images copyright © Mike Scheer)

To Inquire About the Purchase of

Please email Mike at at scheerofficial@gmail.com
or find him at facebook.com/scheerofficial with an inquiry/offer, and he will review your kind offer then
reply on a personal


Signed prints are mounted on 11 x 14 white archival backing.
Most artworks, printed at their original size,
fit well onto these backing dimensions.
In the few cases where the original art is larger than this matte size,
it would be shrunk down as a print to fit nicely into these dimensions,
(if the artwork is currently available as a print).

Some artworks may periodically be unavailable as prints,
so it is best to send me a list of the exact item numbers
which you are interested in w/ perhaps a few extra possibilities.
I will email you in response, and tell you which are currently available
as prints according to your list.

The price for each signed print is $40.
The cost of packing, shipping and handling for an
order of ONE print, is $10.
-FREE SHIPPING if you order TWO or more prints!!!
Local pickup is available in the Portand area.